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Technical Spar with David Haye

Posted on 07 September 2009

Had my first spar ahead of my October 4th fight - a technical spar with David (Haye) which was really great and totally advantageous for both of us. David said he got a lot out of this as he's used to working with bigger and slower fighters but with me I was faster and sharper so he had to stay switched on. From my point of view, David is much bigger than most of my sparring partners so I had to be exact with my foot work. If I get too close I will get tagged and, believe me, a Super Middleweight doesn't want to get tagged by a Heavyweight, particularly one of Haye's caliber! I really enjoyed sharing the ring with him and we plan to do lots more ahead of both our next fights.

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Division: Super-middle
Ratings - World: 1/974
Ratings - British: 1/77
D.O.B: 26.03.1988
Residence: London, UK
Won: 28 (KO20) 
Lost: 3
Drawn: 0
Rounds Boxed: 198
KO% 65

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